Sunday, July 23, 2006

Israel might be creating the next Al-Qaeda

I read somewhere on the web recently that Israel's barbarity is creating the next Al-Qaeda just as the invasion of 1982 led to Hizbolla and I'm beginning to believe it.

Moreover, the kind of monster that is (possibly) being created might make Al-Qaeda look like a Sunday school.

Chomsky wrote in Failed States that the people in the White House don't give a damn about protecting their own population, or anybody else in the western world, against terrorist attacks. His arguments are very convincing and they are not based on some conspiracy theory as he gives evidence for this contention. Of course, like the thief in the department store, who shouts "hold the thief, hold the thief", while running away, western leaders and their propagandists in the media constantly tell us they are fighting terrorism.

Like hell they are.

Obviously, Israel has the green light from Washington for its destruction and mass murder in Lebanon and Gaza. It couldn't do otherwise what it is doing. Washington has obliged by rushing "precision-guided" (another lie; look at the civilian casualties) and satellite-guided (surely US satellites as I'm pretty sure Israel's satellites don't have that ability) bombs and missiles to the Middle East yesterday. Israel might even be acting under US instructions. (Stranger things have happened in international affairs.)

We might all pay the price for this.

Lots of fissile materials have gone missing during the collapse of the Soviet Union and I wouldn't be surprised if at this very moment some sick individual might be working on a nuclear device, a "dirty bomb", that will eventually kill thousands in the USA or elsewhere. And there are countless other ways of creating mayhem and destruction of property and people in industrial countries by turning their advanced technology against them. (Chemical industries, nuclear reactors pipelines etc. are vulnerable targets.)

Of course, the West has the weapons to pulverise any country that might give rise to another terrorist group. But they can't even get Afghanistan under control and the tragedy in Iraq is not showing any signs of abating. (Our Chief of Staff Hillier spoke of a ten year mission in Afghanistan.)

All this can't possibly be in the interests of the West, especially the situation in Iraq with its oil wealth.

So whose interests are being served if the above pessimistic expectations come to pass?


Why is there no mass upheaval in theWest to force an end (and that is entirely possible if the USA wanted it) to this madness?

I don't know and I don't understand the "silent" majority.