Saturday, July 22, 2006

Events Which Happened On July 22

From the BBC with video links:

1977: Deng Xiaoping back in power

2005: Jean Charles de Menezes, who had nothing to do with the London bombings, shot dead by the police

From: Geov Parrish's this Day in Radical History -- July

July 22: Things that happened on this day that you never had to memorize in school

1877: General strike in St. Louis, part of railroad strike that paralyzed the country. Workers briefly seized control of the city.

1892: Alexander Berkman attempts to assassinate the despised Frick during Homestead Strike.

1917: Oil industry in Tampico, Mexico, shut down by successful IWW action.

1988: Fast breeder nuclear reactor shut down as unnecessary and uneconomic, Dounreay, Scotland.

1995: Four foreign activists break Israeli padlocks and reopen the main gates to Hebron University in the West Bank, closed by Israeli security in 1987. The gates remain open after the incident.