Monday, July 17, 2006

I did have a bit of a rocky start with my blog after all.

After procrastinating for weeks I thought the story of the girls at the UN conference would make a good beginning. (Actually I still believe it was. It's not sensational but it is about several young girls standing up for their rights. Against the UN, of all organisations.)

I didn't really want to have a blog writing about the same as is said much more eloquently all over the web. But I didn't have (and still don't have) a clear sense of direction. Maybe I should put my texts on my website and keep blog entries short?

Then I got sidetracked to the CBC (with Conrad Black in parantheses).

What it really boils down to is an incredible anger that has been building up in me at least since 2003.

The barbarity of many acts in the last three and a half years is beyond description and even after having "witnessed" the crimes in Vietnam, as I have through the media, I find what is happening around us, almost unbelievable.

Human beings do not seem to matter any more.

We are surrounded by liars.

We are surrounded by war mongers.

We are surrounded by greedy corporations.

And it is obviously the powerful who are dictating the agenda.

Yet it is difficult to tell at times if the media we're paying attention to is telling the truth or is a tool of propaganda for some interest or another. Even the CBC pretends to have some kind of balance.

On the other hand, in many fundamental ways, it is quite easy to see that a massive wave of war crimes is taking place by simply looking at a few pictures.

In the end it is, once again, the hate mongers who win.

I shall try to move in other planned directions of this blog. I did mention film among my interests and it has been on my mind for sometime to put up a list of my favourite films and videos.

I'm working on it and shall post it soon.