Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The CBC invents the "news"!!!

The CBC rewrites history only days after events happened!

I can't get away from this; it's too outrageous.

The top quote was published on the CBC website on July 18 th 2006

The military operation started seven days ago after an attack by the Lebanese-based militant organization Hezbollah killed eight Israeli soldiers. Two soldiers were seized in the raid. (Unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore. CBC has reworked their entire site and the url to the front page will lead to whatever is the frontpage at the time of clicking on it.)

Here's what really happened:
The Israeli army said three soldiers were killed in the initial raid, and four others were killed when their tank hit a land mine in southern Lebanon. An eighth soldier was killed as an Israeli force tried to get to the tank, which was part of a ground invasion aimed at rescuing the captured soldiers.