Friday, July 28, 2006

The CBC ... Again

Here I go again ranting about the CBC.

I hadn't watched CBC News for days.

Before yesterday the last time was Sunday. It was because the CBC has that endearing habit of stopping a film Sunday night half an hour before its end to bring you the news. I didn't want to miss the continuation of the movie. CBC News can only be postponed for a US "reality show" not for the enjoyment of CBC viewers watching a movie. (No kidding. The National was some time ago.)

I haven't watched any news on other TV stations either for that matter. I get my information from the web and print sources these days. From the conservative Jerusalem Post to Gush Shalom. From BBC to CNN. I also benefit from discussions in a "chatroom", Bread And Roses. (In case you want to know, my user name is Luke.)

Yesterday, I tuned into CBC by accident when I tried to launch the "personal video recorder" component of my WinFast capture card. It was close to the end of the news at noon and a spokesperson for the Canadian Armed Forces was talking about the tragic death of the Canadian soldier in Lebanon. Sad as every needless death is I have to ask myself why the CBC did not report if when a whole Canadian family got wiped out by Israeli fire.

It happened days ago and was reported in the Georgia Straight five days before the CBC newscast I am referring to.

An Israeli warplane, participating in an air-and-sea offensive upon Lebanon, lobbed a missile into a house in the South Lebanese village of Aitaroun. Eleven members of Dalal Akhras’s family—her cousins and their wives and children—were inside. Seven of them, all visiting from Canada, died immediately. The Beirut media later reported that four more relatives perished from their injuries.

My emphasis

Why did the CBC not report the death of seven Canadians?

If the CBC had a report on this I apologise. I highly doubt there was one.