Sunday, January 14, 2007

Catastrophic Success

In the meantime the tragedy - widely predicted by many BEFORE the war - continues in Iraq with about a hundred people a day killed, while the US Governement is still musing aloud, almost daily, if Iraq is decending into civil war. These people had the gall to put a banner on the Abraham Lincoln (the scene of the disgusting spectacle) calling the war on Iraq a Catastrophic Success.

Sadly for the Iraqis as well as the dead and wounded soldiers of the "Coalition of the Willing" this is all too true with no end in sight. Perhaps that is what the apparent criminals in the White House had in mind all along: A successful catastrophe that will justify a US attack on Iran and Syria. Ahmed Al-Jarallah, Editor-in-Chief of the Arab Times, thinks this attack will happen before April 2007.

George W. Bush has always been proud of being a War President and his legacy unfortunately isn't finished yet.

For a Flash presentation of horrific pictures taken in Iarq after Bush declared "Mission Accomplished". If there is a hell the US and British criminals who are responsible for this ongoing tragedy are prime candidates to rot there. They knew - or should have known - what they would unleash with their invasion.