Friday, November 10, 2006

The speaking skills of George W. Bush

Sory about the advertising before the video clip.

But hang in there, it's really worth it. Bush is amazingly coherent in adversity . (Much earlier when he was running to become Governor of Texas too; please see the video of the debate with Kerry linked to below).

Listen to his comments acknowledging Republican defeat in the last elections. He didn't mangle one single word, he didn't stumble once and he spoke rapidly. Compare that to the idiotic blabbering you heard so often from him. I can only conclude that he's a fraud! What deception the process called democracy ("rule of the people") is!

It really is outright fraud if one takes words at their literal meanings,

Bush at the Texas Gubernatorial debate in 1994 spoke fast and didn't stumble or mangle a word either; not once. This video shows that and then compares it to the Presidential Debate with Kerry (where he had some weird bulge on his back, widely speculated to be a communication device).

4mins 31secs

Here is the other side.
The one you're used to. (Watch it, even if you are a Bush supporter. You'll have fun too.)

What a fraud this process called democracy is.

P.S. Check out the Photo Essay link on the left of the CBS site and look at no 16 in particular to see what an old Pres. Ford, Pres. Reagan and Kissinger pal Rumsfeld is/was with all the old politics that implied in this period. "Nice" company of presumed and proven terrorists theat is. Don't forget the (grainy) look od him and Saddam shaiking hands shaiking hands in the preceding post. (Gates the propose replacement of Rumsfeld withdrew from his CIA Director application because of possible involvement in the Iran Contra scandal, the US terrorist action that ultimately resulted in many deaths , much distruction and a US $ 8 billion judgement by the World Court agaisnt the USA. They didn't pay, of course, but withdrew from the Court's justisdiction.)